Character Creation

Ok let me refresh some of the starting bits here.

On this page you will find
1) Stats
2) Race Allowance
3) Special Stats
4) Background: Traits
5) Background: Social Class
6) Bonus Feat
7) Variant rules: Death & Dying

1) all stats start at 10, you have 25 points to spend
11 – 13 are 1 point each
14 – 15 are both 2 points each
16 – 17 are both 3 points each
18 is 4 points.
You can also reduce stats to gain additional points
9 – 8 both give you 1 point to spend
7 – 6 both give you 2 points to spend
5 – 4 both give you 3 points to spend
3 is +4 points to spend.

Race Limitations: Core races = no problem
Uncommon Races = let everyone know, usually no problem
Anything else: Requires 6 / 8 of the total starting players to agree to let it fly (yes your vote counts so you only need 5 others) — I will usually allow races from some of the 3.5 books in with minor to no modifications.

Special Stats
Appearance: Choose from 7 – 13, increase/decrease by 1 point per point of Charisma bonus you have. This is overall how good (or ugly) your character looks. and does not count against you usual point by.

Sanity Score: Starting Wisdom Score x5 = Sanity Score – given I do like using aspects of a horror campaign at times, im keeping this stat ready and on standby.

Background: Traits:
Your trait’s must be accounted for in your backstory for your character. You are limited to 2 traits. 3 if you also take a suitable drawback. If you have problems coming up with things like this please refer to the random tables in Ultimate Campaign (I may eventually try to re-write them to be more world specific but that is not in the current plan)

Background: Social Class:
Depending on your background you will be put into a social class. Most likely poor, a chance for middle, rare shot at upper.
your social class will give you a +1 bonus to the skills associated with it.
Low: 1 craft or profession or slight of hand, Handle Animal, Knowledge (local home region)
Middle: Appraise, 1 craft or profession, Knowledge (local home region), Knowledge (nobility)
Upper: Diplomacy, Knowledge (history or religion), Knowledge (nobility), Ride, Linguistics

Bonus Feat?
You can acquire a bonus regional feat based on your home region provided the following conditions are met.
1) You must have at least 1 rank in Knowledge: Local (home region) & 2) You are one of the dominant races in the region. (ex a dwarf in human lands wont end up with a regional feat from there unless there is a very large dwarven population as well)

Variant Rules
Death & Dying
Massive Damage Threshold: 10 + Con & Wis scores + level + feat mods, +10 for size category over medium. Surviving is a Fort Save: DC 10 +1/2 dmg over threshold.
if you are reduced to -1 hp or less you will begin bleeding out, taking 1 hp of damage per round until you stabilize. Con check, DC 10 + your negative HP total.
You completely bleed out at a negative total that equals your Con Score +1/2 your level

Character Creation

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